In-game notepad and in-game accounts

Two requests from me:

  1. First is small from other topic, because of 2 things:
    a) since game will be quite complex, and…
    b) I was missing that in XCOM Enemy Within Long War as the game was really long and it took ages to do something
    it would be nice to have some in-game notepad to store few notes. Maybe not so advanced like in EVE Online but with possibility to divide notes by topic.

  2. Second is about in-game accounts. Please add such option, so game can distinguish players without changing windows user account or anything like that. I would like to play in this game simultaneously with my wife on single windows user account (created for gaming and entertainment). Many modern games don’t do that unfortunately and you have to log in to another windows user which is problematic or change steam account which require second copy of the game (or not?). Make it simple so we don’t have to quit the game to change player. EDIT. Why I’m requesting this? This way game can store separate statistics for different players like number of hours played, number of missions, count of enemy killed, separate saved games by player (not mixing my ironman with my wife’s standard auto saves), it would be easier to compare playtroughs etc.


If you buy the game on steam, the family-share-thingy could in theory help to solve the second-copy issue, though I’m not sure how saves/in-game profiles will be handled if you play on the same win-user.

About notepad: Yes, I would love it too, we can “already” name the enemies however we want, having an additional notepad somewhere would make it even better for me.

Most games tend to save games in the current’s user “Mydocuments” folders. changing win-user tends to work.

That said, aside from the risk of overwriting your SO’s save, as long as you’re playing games that don’t have massive unlock marathons, multiplayer MMR features and collections, you should be fine playing on the same account.

But if they have a “Gaming” win-user (I can see the benefits of it), but want to use different steam accounts, the saves are tricky, because:

  • it will be saved in the same folder for both steam account because one installation of the game on the same win-user

  • steam sync will overwrite that… how? or not at all? (I know you can disable it, but it’s not a bad feature for most situations).

True. I was thinking about having a “his” and “hers” account.

People use multiple accounts on a home PC? Like, for real?

Well, whadda ya know…

Probably mostly different for parents and other for children. :wink:

Nevertheless this is why I want to have different accounts in the game itself to not switch anything else. :wink:

Steam sharing would solve this. Now you can’t play while she’s playing (this was why I bought my wife her own copy of Stardew Valley) but steam saves go into the account. In fact all of the saves, config files, etc are held in these separate folders.

But I don’t want to create Steam account for her and then switch it.

I think that the notepad could be a nice addition.
Depending on the game I’m playing I take notes from time to time to help me with certain problems or, in case I stop playing for sometime, to know what I was doing or anything that could be important to remember.

The in-game accounts could also be useful.
Some games like SiN, Quake 2 or Crysis had the option to create a profile for different players in the same machine and windows user.

This allowed to have a different set of savegames, controls or even (if I remember correctly for some games) graphic settings.

In my case this was pretty handy when we were playing some deathmatch games, were we can change all controls just switching the profiles inside the game.

And just a side note, I see that a lot of people are suggesting the use of Steam sharing, but for example, I bought it in GOG and I think an option like this shouldn’t be tied to a certain platform.
I think it would be better if it’s part of the game like the games I mentioned before.

If it’s built-in you would not have to worry about creating new accounts in Steam or setting up anything.

Also it could be useful so you could change some options for accessibility depending of the user, like color blind modes or subtitles.

Steam-sharing can be useful when the game doesn’t provide what you seek, it’s not a replacement but a workaround. OP mentioned steam accounts, thus the replies with that in mind. I personally am using GoG whenever possible, but not sure how two (or more) galaxy accounts on a single win-user would break things.

I understand, I just wanted to say that there are other platforms that couldn’t benefit from that option and sometimes when there is a talk about pc games it looks like only Steam exist, so I just wanted to point that, not trying to start a “war” against Steam :wink: (I’m a user for Steam and GoG/Galaxy for a long time, I bought games in both places).

Talking about GoG Galaxy, some user don’t want or use Galaxy client at all (since you are a user yourself it’s possible that you have read some of the comments about this in their forum) so it could be a bit of a problem for them.

For me would be a bit of tedious if I have to getting out of the game, sync the saves, logging out of client, logging with the new user, download the new saves/settings, start the game… when I could go to the main menu and change profiles.

That’s why I said it’s a workaround and not a solution?

Of course supporting multiple in-game accounts would be the best, but if that’s not there, you may find workarounds for your (edge-)case.

(And some games don’t even have in-game achievement lists, you have to use steam/galaxy/etc. to show them, so even if it has in-game profiles, sometimes stat-tracking still needs a launcher.)

Sorry if my answer sounded a bit bad.
English is not my native language and maybe I could have wrote that better.

I’m not against OP’s ideas but let’s face it, those are minor quality of life issues which will pull at least some resources away from the main development goals. Not many, sure, but I’d rather have the core game released first before stuff like that will get the dev’s attention. After all, both issues have very simple workarounds(using an external text editor of choice and adopting a naming convention for save files).

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This doesn’t work with autosaves in ironman mode. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course my ideas are not priority in any case, but it would be another reason to like this game above other games and make it more enjoyable in long run. Imagine that you return to this game after 2 years, you load your profile, load your game and read all your notes left behind. :wink: It reminds me Blizzard games a bit - for which I have this special sentiment. :slight_smile:

Ironman mode isn’t an issue since, in most games, you can run two ironman campaigns in parrallel. You may have only one save per ironman campaign but nothing prevents you from starting two separate campaigns. I’ve done it with FiraXcom (private campaign and streamed one running concurrently)

Some games may not allow it, but they’d be the exception instead of the norm.

I know it is not an issue. In overall all players will manage without those profiles and will be fine.

But why not add this feature to make life easier for the players? My wife likes to delete unnecessary saved games, and she removed my important saved game once. This was sad day. Thus I would like to have separate accounts to prevent this and this is one of the reasons. Maybe not most important, but well… you know. I think that creating profiles (so separate folders for each player) to store config, stats and saved games isn’t so much work for the developer. Create input field for player/commander name -> save it to specific destination -> prompt user for selecting one of the profiles -> load 1% of all game variables from that destination -> during gameplay save all stuff to that destination -> On game start load last used profile or if missing load first from the list or if there is none use default game setting. TA DA. That’s all and magic happens.