I am out of here. This Game is Worst I have ever played

I have played this game for about two years

It is the best and the WORST game I have EVER played.

How is that possible you might ask.

Well initially I did think the tactical gameplay was too hard. I did a number of restarts. I had a number of occasions where there was an update and my saves would not load. I almost gave up just because I had put in so much effort and it was all lost. I was going to abandon the game and I said so on the forums. Then I read some posts on how to play strategically. I decided to have another go. All of sudden most of the tactical plays became way too easy. For example attack a nest with just infantry and it will take a while. But attack with vehicles rampaging through at high speed and it’s all over in two or three turns. I could provide more examples but you get the picture.

So we all know how hard it is to get resources and how mind numbingly absolutely boring it is to keep having to raid to get them. So basically you have hours and hours of repetitive resource and nest raids which are way too easy (but I will admit would be interesting if you didn’t have to keep repeating them). Once you get your troops half trained you go for the ancient weapons and even getting them isn’t a challenge just boring same old same old. Once you get the ancient weapons it becomes even easier (Yawn)

And then just when you have an idea of how to play the devs in their wisdom fine tune it and your playing style doesn’t work any more. Back to square one. Do this a few times and it gets old very quickly.

Then of course you get to the end game and it’s way too hard. Lots of monsters and you better hope you have the right troop mix. If not back to square one. I only got to that stage once (in TWO years of fairly solid playing) because either all my saves wouldn’t work due to upgrades or the devs changed the rules and I had to restart.

So anyway I was putting up with all of this but I had not played for a while. I thought I would dive back in after about six months. In the meantime Festering Skys has been released.

Now I login and I don’t have Festering Skies and all of my saved games will not load. It wants me to buy Festering Skies.

Nope not going to happen. Not spending any more money on this game. This game has been released for at least two years yet it still seems like it is in first release. If the devs can’t be bothered making sure old saves will work when they do updates then I will spend my time elsewhere. The fact that this has happened to me more times than I can remember shows this isn’t a one off.

Bye Bye Phoenix Games. Game deleted from PC. Will not be buying ANYTHING made by Phoenix Games

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After giving a snarky response I decided to give it a go.

I agree that those game breaking updates were really bad moves from snapshot. I pointed that one out back then as well. Most people just gave up playing the game forever without leaving any feedback. They shot themselves in the foot for that one. You cannot just bring out an update that breaks everyones savegames in a game like this … You have to have some sort of mechanism that lets you opt in for game breaking changes.

I mean … maybe you need to up your difficulty then, or maybe you chose to copy paste some OP terminator builds. It’s unfortunate that there are quite a few game breaking builds - but it’s not as bad as it used to be. I never used those builds because they felt like cheating.

You don’t have to raid the factions. I never once did that. I used to steal an aircraft but I stopped doing that as well. They really have to add some severe repercussions for being a warmongering psychopath.

What do you mean by that? Are you disappointed by some balance changes? It was quite obvious that they had to turn down the power level here and there, but again I agree and think the patching mechanism for this type of long term game is sub optimal at best.

I don’t think it has anything to do with Festering Skies. You will not be able to load your years old save games even with that DLC. There was probably at least one other game breaking update while you were gone.

That’s unfortunate. They are called Snapshot Games, though.

Good Bye.