Human Haven defenders never join Phoenix Point in Legendary

I finished the game in Legendary and didn’t have a single soldier joining Phoenix Point after successful defending an Haven, besides having lot’s of survivors. So the new feature don’t work at legendary level…. Few soldiers than in Hero level i understand, zero is a bug.

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They join, the chance is exceptional low, maybe 1%.
It happened to me aswell to a youtuber. Phoenix Point - Corrupted Horizons - Legend - Part 1 - YouTube

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Devs told us you can get one haven defender joining PX during the whole campaign, I was shocked because I got one in the first days playing Hypnos, and the worst part was that Synedrion assault coming with full armor and weapon (Deimos AR) , they said it is ok, but playing Legendary is weird

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I have had soldiers join and I only play on Legend. Rare, but it is working.

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It is nice to know that others had a different experience… anyway, a single soldier in all the campaign still few… it would be good to have some of them during campaign.

Question is if it should happen on the top difficulty… I would say, not really.