How low can you go (graphically)?


Well might also depend on the time you started playing.
I played through XCOM2 twice when it was new (and used some changes in .ini files to lower the Graphics further) it was really playable - though I would need to reload in the final mission once or twice and in “base” defence mission to avoid some memory overflow (probably because of the shared use of the RAM by CPU and onboard GPU). This overflow would start to change colours in a strange way and really crash windows 10 if the game was not stopped or reloaded in time. It were the only 2 times I really saw my win10 crash like in Win95 times.

Later there were big updates for the game which made it even bigger in size… Tried to play for a third time but faulty Graphics started coming in normal missions. I decided to stop playing then.


That final room has caused some crazy rainbow artifacts even with my 970m. A restart of the game has always fixed it but Firaxis has always been horrible about optimizing their XCOM games. I remember someone releasing all sorts of optimization tweaks to the Unreal engine for EU back when it came out and it made a HUGE difference there as well.


Now that I think about it, I think it was mainly huge load times that were the big problem, which wotc solved mostly.


Uh, interesting to know - thought that that was only because of my onboard GPU. Well usually their bugfixes caused more new problems that they solved… But gameplaywise this last mission was - beside “baseship” defence and basedefence from EW and especially that “whale mission” from EW - one of my favorite X-COM missions ever!
I like missions where you get into the defensive position…

By the way - ever played Gollops Rebelstar for Gameboy Advanced? Great Game - has one awesome mission where you need to get over a bridge and escape while enemies try to hunt you down… Sadly the rom has a huge bug which sends you to an unsolvable small map after the final mission. You can play the maps (with stupid enemies) after beating the game once but you cannot replay the missions…


I haven’t played that game. Maybe I’ll look for the actual game as I have the adapter for GBA games for my GameCube…plus a DS and SP.

Also that one mission for SC where you survive the Zerg for 30 minutes is another good survival mission. I wish more games did stuff like that


Newfoundland will go down in history as one of the all time great moments in gaming. At least for me. Sadly, never had a Gameboy, so didn’t get to fiddle with rebelstar, though I think my brother played it on an emu.


Well - usually I don’t like to admit when I changed my mind - but 2 days ago I’ve ordered a “GAMING” laptop. Not state of the art, but quite decent I guess and the offer was too good not to…

Was just thinking about backing phoenix point. But after yesterdays anouncement that would surely be the most stupid point of time to do so. Backing now would mean having the “problem” of epic exclusiveness without the one year free dlc’s.

Guess I’ll rather spend my money for war of the chosen then…