How do I uninstall Backer Build 5 from my Epic library?

Every other game I purchased on Epic has an Uninstall option. But Backer Build 5 does not.

Please - how do I uninstall this backer build 5? It’s taking up space on my hard drive.


I’d like to know this myself but since they haven’t even updated the forum from “backer build feedback” a week+ after release I’m thinking devs are too busy working on patches, finally off for holidays and/or they don’t care enough now our dollars are spent to push Epic for the option. I’ve no idea which of these is must Likely.

Well, I sure hope we get an answer very soon. I REALLY don’t want backer build 5 taking up space on my hard drive. Epic is such a poor platform, with absolutely zero quality of life features.

Please devs - how do we uninstall backer build 5?

I don’t know why people have such a hard time with the Epic launcher. I had no trouble at all uninstalling Backer Build from my library. I clicked on Library, clicked on the Phoenix Point Backer Build, clicked the three dots to the far right, and clicked uninstall.

It’s pretty straight forward I think.

That sure would be pretty straight forward. Unfortunately, I have no Uninstall option when I click on those three dots at the far right. That’s why I wrote this post, to find out what’s going on, and how I can uninstall it.

It seems that something is wonky about some folks installs, and they have no uninstall option.

Uninstall works fine just by deleting the game folder which is in your Epic Library folder.

EDIT: Opps sorry, for Mac, for Windows with dll garbage it’s perhaps different, but didn’t this changed with windows 10?

Just go to installation folder and remove the game manually.

EDIT: Just checked if there is no option… Just uninstall it from launcher. OR if for some reason you don’t have that option (I do have it) do what I have written in first sentence of this post.