Haven opinion versus faction opinion

I’m wondering about the relationship between haven and faction opinion. I didn’t care all that much about this until I noticed that events will not proc unless relations are 0 or higher. I assume faction opinion gradually drags along haven opinion but this is just speculation. If I start to turn a corner opinion wise with a faction (I’m up to +11 with Synedrion from a low of -12 for example), it seems like like havens of the same faction are still stuck in the negative (i.e. -3)… You can get big boosts in haven opinion from events and by running defense missions for them, but these are entirely determined by circumstances (for example, certain havens will be far away from any mist zones until the end game, getting attacked by pure or forsaken seems entirely random). If I want certain havens to have a positive relationship it is largely out of my control, except to improve faction relations and hope for a “drag effect”. So do havens opinion converge with faction over time or is this just wishful thinking? Are there other ways of improving haven opinion or have I hit all the possible options. Thoughts?

This is truth.

Only on lower difficulties. On higher mist is shortly everywhere. And haven can be quite far from mist and still get attacked.

If I’m not wrong Pure always attack Disciples, Forsaken are more random.

You nailed it. Unless you will get event there or haven defence mission (or infestation mission if you have Festering Skies enabled), you can’t affect haven standing with Phoenix Project, except getting beter standing with faction.

Does trading effect Haven status?

No, only the other way around, you cannot trade with havens that are rep <0

Thank you. Is this documented anywhere, like what you can expect from “drag effect” over time? Like a formula or a bit of pseudo-code or even just a rough description?

I doubt that it is somewhere noted. But we can ask developers. :slight_smile:

Thank you again. It appears to be quite SLOW.