Has the Chaos Reborn forum gone now?

If so, you’ve still got links within the game that point people towards it, it might be worth directing them to this site instead.

Likewise for the ‘Visit the website’ button on steam.

It hasn’t gone - it’s just experiencing some technical issues that were caused when the version of PHP on the server was updated to accommodate another website. That caused issues with posting. In an effort to correct this, someone has made the issue worse.

We’re hoping to get the old forum back online as an archive, but it will be closed to new posts. All new threads should be on these forums. Links will most likely be updated in due course.

I understand the need/desire to consolidate but am i alone in thinking this will further fracture the community? At first glance, this doesn’t really feel like a suitable replacement. Of course, I also understand that without revenue, there’s only so much that can be done to preserve the community. Yet, if this is our only sanctioned option, we may be better off going rogue…

The original CR forums have received very few new posts over the last several months (before the technical issues). For all intents and purposes they were almost dead. Aside from hosting costs, there’s also the time required for maintenance such as fixing the recent technical issues (and we still haven’t been able to restore the theme yet). It makes more sense for us to have a single system for all of our forums.

Yeah, i get that. it makes sense. But what is best for snapshot in this case may not be best for what’s left of the community.

We’re still considering our options at this point.

In addition, it’s also easier for staff and moderators to only need to monitor one set of forums than two.

I’m playing devil’s advocate here; if a forum is almost dead, then it doesn’t need a whole heap of moderation :wink:

I think truth of the matter is that the official CR forum doesn’t receive much activity because.

a) there’s not much activity in the game’s development these days. - If the game started being updated/patched/bug fixed then there would be topics to discussion on the forum in relation to that development. As it stands it felt, to me, (I’l not speak for others) like Snapshot had abandoned the CR forum, hence I’ve seen little reason to post anything there, be it feedback, or ideas.

b) In a similar vein there’s very little activity in relation to the game’s official tournaments that take place each month. If they were ever reported on within the forum, then this has long since stopped.

c) The guild system was just tacked on, with next to no actual effect within the game.

d) The last significant activity from the community probably came from Blobka’s unofficial tournament that he hosted. But, due to the lack of a randomisation function for player turn order and the bugs related to the custom matchmaker (both of which issues were fed back a number of times) there’s no simple and fair way to organise these.

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is chaos-reborn.com site dead too? it might be good to get the game guide and loremaster’s guide etc copied over to here

The site is on the same server as the old forums. When someone updated the software on the server, a lot of stuff got messed up. The site isn’t intended to be down - it’ll just take some time to fix.

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You can actually see the forum now if you goto it directly, though it has lost its skin http://www.forum.chaos-reborn.com/

Yes, the old forum has been back up for around a week now (thanks to Ped). But then we discovered there’s still an issue with the site itself.