Hard to see details on the map

Visually the game looks very nice and pretty, but use of similar colours and tones for the map background, character models and objects which provide cover is leaving me in a situation where I’m really having to squint at the map to see what is where. I’m playing fully zoomed out, and at this zoom I’m not able to distinguish the different classes for my units, or, in some cases, where cover is located.

To work around this, what I’ve ended up doing is moving my mouse all over the screen in order to find the cover points when the cursor changes.

It could be resolved by adding optional minimap with dots indicating soldiers, mutants and crates, even covers.
In final game will be more environments and colours. I like this rusty looks of pre-alpha map, though. It’s better than some garish maps from nuXcom.
But agree that captions (when you are pointing object with cursor) would be usable and practical.

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