Going in blind --

It’d be nice if when you reach a new location on the global map, you had the option to ‘go in blind’ and not spend 6 hours of game time doing a survey.

The pro of this is obviously less wasted time on the global map meaning that you can respond to more events, the downside could be that the map then has a fog of war applied to it, and you don’t know what you’ll be facing.

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I’m going to bump this in order to add a related suggestion.

It’d be good if the longer you scouted, the more information you received about the mission that you were about to attempt.


1-2 you’ll get the terrain/overall map type, and the fog of war will be pushed back.
3-4 you’ll get a look at (some of) the enemy type(s) that you might be facing.
5-6 you’ll get to see how many of those enemies are down there/see all enemy types that you’ll be facing/or more details on those enemies (such as load out).

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Nice idea. :slight_smile: