Give me my wings!

I won´t lie. I am disappointed. Even considering COVID-19 i find hard to accept that today this game still didn´t met my minimal expectation for december 2019 (that´d be an UFO: Enemy Unknown with 2019 graphics).

I do regret pre-ordering this game, as i doubt it´ll get there before next december, and therefore i would have spent much less buying it with discount at steam in 2021…

I won´t even ask for an compensation, as i know i won´t get it, even though i think everyone that didn´t refunded this game do deserve a free DLC as sorry/thanks from the devs.

Now i just want a realistic date on when this game will have UFO inteceptions, as my biggest critic with the Firaxis reboot is that in XCOM this is an afterthought and it was cut of XCOM 2, even though i enjoyed it almost as much as the tactical missions in the original games.

So, do we have a date on that? Please. I don´t want to get more disappointed that i already am…

You will probably get that in the Festering Skies DLC due out near the end of this year.