Game looking good, but.. Edit:problem resolved

As I mentioned above, the game is looking promising in terms of gameplay. However I am a little disappointed with the fact the game has been sent to backers with the inability for soldiers to pick up items on their second turn, or for subsequent soldiers to pick items up. It seems like a very strange design choice if it is intentional. Considering how important ammo is or will be when the enemies can think.

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No very much is intentional at that stage. I’m half convinced they were building minesweeper 2.0 and it compiled into Phoenix Point by accident.

Poor joke aside, can you describe the issue you’re facing in greater detail please? I don’t quite get it.

Ha. Basically unless you have enough action points to interact with crates in a turn, with one soldier, you lose all items contained within. Hardly realistic. Unless they are jury rigged with a pressure sensitive mine.

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I have never come across that. every time I’ve interacted with a crate with low TUs, the items have still been there on the next turn

It’s just me!? Now I feel stupid.

When a crate has been opened, on the next turn you dont interact with the crate, you go with your soldier to the blue tile and you open you soldier’s inventory to see what’s in that crate, I don’t know if that helps.

Thank you. I thought that I had already done that but I must have been in the wrong square.