Feels like UFO:Aftermath Remastered

I LOVE PP! In fact, in just 1 week, I have logged 90 hours. So I was playing all day almost everyday.

However, rather than a real X-COM successor, it really felt to me like UFO:Aftermath remastered with UFO:Aftershock elements because everything just seem so similar:

  1. A growing biomass across the globe.
  2. Human mutating into monsters.
  3. 3 Factions: NJ is similar to the Cyborgs faction. Anu is similiar to the Cultist / Psychics. Synedrion is similar to the human faction.
  4. The soldier customization screen is almost the same.
  5. even the music is very very similar to the music in UFO: Aftermath

Just my tots cos I enjoyed the UFO series so much that I was still playing it last year. However, the UFO series fell flat due to its wierd combat system. PP feels like how the UFO series was supposed to be, not a bad thing, but yeah maybe I was expecting it to be a little more than that., :slight_smile:

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I felt the same way too…

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I find the game to be far superior to UFO. UFO after a certain point was next to impossible, and my god was that game PLAGUED with bugs.

UFO didn’t have the faction system either.

Impossible? I completed all 3 UFO games multiple times on the highest difficulty level without issues. And UFO didn’t have faction system?? Did you even play UFO:Aftershock???

I’ve yet to play the other 2.

I made it to the final mission, but couldn’t get past it. Kept being blown to smithereens by grenades.

To be fair your OP title explicitly states the game feels like UFO: Aftermath, only briefly mentions Aftershock which DID have a faction system which Aftermath did not, and listed a series of mechanics without attributing which of the UFO series said mechanic actually belonged to.

That said, given that UFO: Aftermath was a restoration acquisition of an abandoned game meant to heavily based around a X-Com game that never happened… the fact that Aftermath has some nods to X-Com and as such Phoenix Point shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Heck if you listen to some of the ambient tracks in Phoenix Points you can hear layers within the tracks that almost sound directly ripped from UFO: Enemy Unknown or X-Com: UFO Defence depending where in the world you’re from.

oh yeah, the dum dum dum dum background layer was completely taken off UFO:EU hahaha

I agree … seams UFO Aftermath

aftermath characters had charm.

I did enjoy Aftermath it was a good game, Aftershock and Afterlight not so much.

Who remembers Abomination? That was good too!

I enjoyed all of the After:X series to be honest. I think the real-time fires management was great and innovative.

I’m actually playing Afterlight at the moment and getting quite into it :slight_smile: I’m not a fan of the cartoony graphics, and the maps are starting to repeat, but I’m really enjoying all the base management features, I’ve surprised myself in that I don’t dislike the pauseable real-time combat either.