Explosives Issue - Uncontrolled & Hang

  1. Several times with both grenades and rockets when I select the ‘fire’ button it skips the aiming procedure and launches in a random direction.

  2. Sometimes after the explosion the game hangs. No UI. Only control is screen movement by mouse. And cannot create F12 ticket.

  3. Possibly related. Sometimes after an action the game seems to think I’ve clicked+held the LMB. Screen moves around in this view fashion until I use the LMB. This has happened when not touching my mouse. Thinking this might trigger issue 1).

Will explore further. Will try to create F12 tickets for occurrence 1 & 3. Will try on ‘Potato’ graphics to ensure its not related to my rig getting warm (AMD 1500X, 16BG ram & RX550).

  1. I’ve had this happen to me too, also sometimes does it with the jump pack ability.