Discord address

whats the address to discord??

no, thats the website discord, i need the address uset to join the channel on the desctop discord

https://discordapp.com/invite/ phoenixpoint

(remove the space)

https://discord.gg /phoenixpoint

without the space

Did you try clicking on the link I posted? It will take you directly to our Discord server.

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i have it now on the desctop discord, so no worys, but that link take you to website discord, i dont use that

The link I posted was the invite link to the Phoenix Point server - works on desktop app or the web version. Glad you managed to figure it out, anyway.

It takes you to the website if discord isn’t running when you click it. May also be that it takes you to website first, then switches to discord app once clicked from the second website screen. Seem to recall some oddities there when using desktop.