Differentiate between classes via attributes

At the moment it feels kinda boring that every level 1 soldier starts with exactly the same attributes. There’s been suggestions before that they shouldn’t start equal (which personally I’d love to see), but I wonder whether this could be done in a more directed and logical way:

Give different classes of soldier have different starting attributes.

And/or give a different cost for development of those attributes dependant upon class.

For example; you could say that a Heavy would naturally be stronger than other classes, to which their starting strength could be higher, and cost less to train, however their mobility should start lower and cost more to train.

  1. I think soldiers should start with different stats as @Yokes suggested recently (and was probably suggested lots of times). Just like “Not created equally” does in FiraXcom.
  2. I don’t think different classes should impact either the starting stats or the costs. A heavy is already slow because of the armor, making the cost for speed bigger would make it really only good to throw grenades or jetpack and bash/bodyslam/pistol (shotgun with quick aim).
  3. But, the starting stats should be the base for a soldier and adding a point to the skill should cost the same whether he started with 18 or 22 strength.

In this kind of game, mobility is probably the most important stat. It enables you to find cover, flank, multiply the options to position yourself. Low mobility however limits drastically your options.

We would need to find a way to make strength a valuable attribute. For this, strength should play a role in mobility because, with its current cost, I’m clearly not ready to add a single point in strength (unless they put back some prerequisites for skills). I really liked bodyslam in BB4 (would carry lots of heavy things to destroy opponents).

I think level 1 soldiers should be claseless with different stats and when they level up you decide what they become. And I think initially it was planned to be like that? I remember the grunts pre BB, I thought they were our initial guys.

Those grunts were assaults. :slight_smile: It was just later on that they changed class name and even later on Assaults advanced to be the best class overall. :wink:

I think OR not the AND operator should be considered here. But I would prefere different starting values and cost just dependant on the level we want to acquire. It should not be like that that the heavy always train speed at more cost. I would made training equal in cost with cost dependant on how much over starting value we want to train. Let say that one Heavy starts with speed 13, second Heavy with speed 15 and there is also Assuault who starts at 14 (low roll for this class). And it should cost them the same to increase stat to 14,16 and 15 respectively. They will also have the same cost to increase stat to +1 value.