Devs should be ashamed

The quality of the game is abysmal and so much for a bug free launch thanks to the extra funds that the Epic bribe provide.

What is worst is that gollop still haven’t fund some time to explain how such things is posible , after talking so much lies

Overall I just reinstalled Xcom 2 and Xenonauts since this game is clearly in apha stage and you dont deserve any prise since the game is broken and barely balanced.

At least I hope that you have enjoyed that money, since most people isnt enjoying your game

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No. They should be proud of a pretty unique take on xcom.

It does feel rushed, but I think they simply underestimated the project and the epic deal might have introduced quite a bit of pressure. Epic was a mistake IMHO but it is what it is - still a great game and I look forward to its future development !


For the simple reason I can’t put the game down. It has taken over my life. Phoenix point is the game I have only dreamt of until now. I have no idea what the OP is talking about.

If Epic had any part in helping to make this game what it is, then I think going with Epic was a good move.

The game looks very amateurish with good ideas but extremely broken, filled with bugs and some awkward textures

Srry but the backer build 3 was looking better than this, then they took money to make a better game for the community and provide more stability to the employees ,which you can see that only the second part was true since the game is really mediocre and dont even shows art of anything beyond amazing

the game can be improved, but it provides doubt about what can be achieve in the long run.
if you like the game enjoy it, but its not better than a lot of indies with far less money and less “creators” egos that provided a better experience not to mention the backstabbing free part .

Xcom 2 is already superior with mods and you can find it in half price most of the time , in fact if they drop another update a the long war 2 mod to make it compatible with wotc the game is already beyond Phoenix point dlc

Xenonauts 2 “Alpha” looks around a better quality and more advanced

Space havens Alpha same stuff with pixels graphics, more detailed and it’s more polished than this launch plus you make your ship

i really want disagree but as matter of fact i can’t, i was so hyped, bought the game june 2018, now i’m a little angry and frustrated and if the second part was intenional for the developers i think darkest dungeon is made on purpose and they make it great.