Dead enemy husk takes away Marksmen talent

In the image below, my marksmen/assault has the level 4 or 5 master marksmen talent where you get 25% to aim if the enemy is further than 10 spaces away. I moved him up but still ten space away from the live enemy troopers. The screen shot shows him loosing his marksmen bonus because he is next to an enemy husk.

It’s a known issue.

Also the preferred method for bug reporting is to use the in game bug reporter, accessed through F12. This sends the save files and the current data states straight to the QA Team

I do that sometimes but the F12 will not work if the game locks or other serious issue.

There’s a mod on Nexus that corrects that. If you can’t wait the fix of course.

Blessed be the mod makers. Like most games their creativity will send the end product into orbit.


Wish there was a mod to use 3 mutations instead of only 2. I think I saw some Anu guys with 3.