Corruption healing issue

So after researching the specimen 0 the text says I should be now able to heal the corruption. But I could do that before that… How is that possible?

After finishing the Corrupted lair there was a cutscene stating that the corruption is over, but the text after it sats: we have to research the cure… but there is no new research project…

If I am suppose to spend more mutagen for healing the troops, then the cinematic LIES and so does the text. If I have to research something, why I can’t research and therefore the cinematic again LIES.

Why anything in this DLC makes no sense.

Nope, they’ve just got the cutscenes the wrong way round.
It has been flagged to them, but nothing has been done about it yet.

Are you sure it is anything, or you are exaggerating to make your point more appealing?