Cant progress as can't repair vehicle bay

I am at the part at the start of the game where you enter the base and have to repair the vehicle bay, but the option is greyed out, so i can’t proceed with the game, I am playing on win 10, this is pre and after latest patch.

Do you enough tech and resources?

Hi, ah, i think i may have repaired someting else by mistake, but I have 600 materials and 60 tech left

I wonder if anyone has a save game, don’t want to start again

Not being able to repair the vehicle bay is not game stopping - it just prevents you from repairing your aircraft at that base. Energy generators are more important, as without power nothing in the base works. Even they can be left unrepaired with no ill effect other than you won’t benefit from that base at all.

update, says in event log, repair completed, but no indication what to do

I have one energy gen, but power on is off. I should say i am just past the tutorial, before the scavenger mission.

A screenshot would help but to start just make sure all your power indicators are yellow.

here is one, tx

That vehicle bay is repaired dude. You don’t need to do anything with it now, it just sets you up to be able to house more aircraft in future. Unless I’m misunderstanding your issue?

Hi, but |I cant now do anything in the game

Your aircraft isn’t showing up on the map?

here is a pic

When I click on aircraft, nothing happens, bug?

Looks like your just still locked into the tutorial script. It could be glitched. Unpause and let the game run for a bit, go back into the base tab see if the objective updates , if not you might need to restart.

Yeah I think the tutorial might have glitched out on you there bud sorry. FWIW there’s very little else in the tutorial if you’ve made it to this point. If you start a new game without it you’ll start at the Geoscape again (with a base you don’t need to repair yourself) and a few POIs already generated. Big timesaver.

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You need do what’s at left, open base tab. But according to your other posts it seems already done, and as posts above wrote the tutorial seems have bugged.