Cannot mine Mutane

So I can mine Living Crystals and Orichalcum, but I cannot min Mutane. Placing 1 or more transports over the Mutane fields does nothing. I don’t mine it, and nothing happens at all.

It is a Mutane Refinery rather than a Mutane Field. Not sure if the bug has anything to do with that.

Here is a picture of the geoscape with a transport over the locations… no resources are being gained.

I captured the Mutane Field and can mine that just fine. So there is possibly a situational bug that is beyond me… or there is a bug with the Mutane Refineries. I would attach a save with the issue here, but the forum doesn’t allow me…

There are two locations for each resource:
One location mines the actual resource (of which you need a ship parked over it in order to collect it)
One location is actually needed to refine it. You need this location when you go to construct the new piece of equipment.

It’s my guess that you conquered the Mutane refinery, but not the actual mine.
So in summary, you will need to uncover and defend six different sites (three to mine the three new resources, and three to refine it for actual use in construction).

Yes, it’s a lot to handle. Other threads cover that discussion, so I won’t get into it here.

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