Can´t use Laser Sniper Rifle

Ok! So I can produce/manufacture that Laser Sniper rifle after sometime I discovered it.
I made 2 with some ammo but it doens´t show up in my inventory.

Is it a bug or some feature I didn´t realize yet ?

Check your equipment filters. I didn’t notice at first that weapons you don’t have a proficiency for are hidden by default. If you still don’t see it after selecting all equipment, it might be a bug (haven’t reverse engineered laser sniper yet myself).

I think a sniper should be proficient with sniper rifles - so yea, i toggled to only sniper items where also my green sniper rifle I found is displayed. But not hte blue one (Laser rifele) i manufactured two of…seems buggy. What a pitty…

I wonder if anyone here can report if he can use the laser sniper rifle with souvereign range (over 80 i think)!
I can manufacture it bit it don´t appear in the equipment section for my soldiers!
I ask myself if it´s a bug or some requirements are not met with the soldiers…