[BB1] Head Shots not devastating enough


This is the one thing that doesn’t really ‘feel’ right to me so far - the fact that you can get hit in the head and still keep going.

You can rationalise this with the Crabbies that the mutation has rendered the head vestigial and the real lifeforce of the creature is vested elsewhere. But that doesn’t wash with squaddies. I had a squaddie who got hit squarely in the head and the only appreciable effect as far as I can see was that he couldn’t regenerate Will Points - which is a bummer, but hardly disabling.

Maybe make human heads tougher/harder to hit, but if you do hit them it’s devastating?

You cannot make heads harder to hit unless you make them smaller. This game simulates ballistics. I do agree, though, that they should have some greater penalty than just removing will like also having some kind of aim penalty.

Yeah, this is a bit of a problem. On one hand we have more realistic simulation of the hit chances and bullet behaviour. Oh the other, we have rather exaggerated soldier models which have to look ok from the elevated isometric perspective and the situation were all combatants are considered stationary when fired upon unless it’s a reaction or overwatch shot, meaning if your to-hit circle is roughly the same size as the enemy’s head, you are guaranteed to hit it.

I’m not sure what can be done here, really, outside of tweaking the sizes of to-hit circles…

You could make helmets more armoured and give the skull more hit points - I mean there’s a reason human beings evolved a skullcap.

Thing is, I like the idea that you get hit in the head, you lose your Will; but it just feels weird to have a squaddie running around once his head’s been taken out.

Still, it’s a minor gripe in the overall scheme of things.