[Backer Build 1] On default loadout for Fort Freiheit

Basically, it doesn’t look like something a reasonable player would ever deploy with.

  • Too little ammo.
  • Considering how easy it is to lose an arm (two of my guys lost arms like first time they were shot in a mission), pistol is a must on absolutely everybody. Otherwise second guy to lose arm is as good as dead. The only thing I can do to mitigate it is giving sniper’s pistol to 1st one, but it comes without extra ammo, so soon to be useless anyway.

It is a harsh mission environment, and the inability to heal disabled limbs or repair destroyed quiment (sniper rifle shot to hell on 2nd turn here!) is frustrating.

I’m sure we’ll have more say in that later with upgrades to medikits etc. - but the luck sometimes suckkkkks for sure :slight_smile:

Yeah, risk of weapon destruction is yet another good reason for carrying a sidearm,

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I’m pretty positive the scarce load out was intentional to encourage the player to loot the crates. Are they conditioning us to crates in order to implement the loot box micro transactions, by the way?

I hope not. I’m hoping that microtransactions are completely missing or at the very least minimal at best. I hate them.

It was a joke… I hope.

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Ssssh. Don’t give them ideas :wink:

You might be right about the reduced loadout being so that people would loot crates. They had two grenades per assault trooper in the demo but only one in the backer release I think. Plus they did much more armour shredding.

Ironically the first time I played Fort Freiheit I didn’t get a single chest spawn. So I ended up running out of ammo and then running toward the queen since there was nothing else I could do.