[Backer Build 1] Ammo is extremely scarce, is this intended?

Thanks Phoenix. Apparently, I had a bad run when I posted this. A slight change in tactics and I went four wins in a row. I still think the number of grenades we are initially deployed with is “slender”, but the lack of armor damage to the queen from my Grenades that first game was RNG, nothing more.

You are very welcome, my friend :smiley:

Now she’ll be checking under her bed for YOU every night!

Hey, Unstable Voltage also points out that you can MAKE ammo for weapons by using the buttons on the bottom of the screen when you’re choosing a soldier’s equipment. Select the weapon, select the wrench/ammo button, sacrfifice 5/10 resources, and you have a fresh mag.

Check the date on the post before yours, and the title of the thread. You’re resurrecting a backer build 1 thread about ammo scarcity and replying about backer build 3.

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