[Backer Build 1] Adding Stamina Points

I’ll keep it sweet and succinct: as cool as the concept is on the surface, I think anger/will powered jetpacks are kinda silly:

It would make more sense to subdivide skill currency into Will Points for abilities/things that have to do with the mind (Psionics, panic, leadership/morale, issuing orders, etc), and Stamina Points for abilities/things that have to do with physicality (sprinting, AP boosts, gunslinger, etc).

Equipment like jetpacks and such should probably have regenerating (or not) charges localized/specific to themselves. For example, the Heavy’s jetpack might have 2 charges, with 0.33 regenerating every turn (it doesn’t stop working because you get tired, or because you need to believe in it).

This would also be a cool little reference/nod to original/90s X-com which had a Stamina/Energy stat component.

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