Armadillo Ammo?

It ran out of ammo during a mission and has been back in the base for a long time. But it still has no ammo. How do I resupply it, please?

vehicles should resupply as you move across the geoscape…meaning that…as long as there is any distance from your previous mission to the next its ammo should be resupplied…if it is not…you likely ran into a bug.

note: it should get ammo, not HP…repairing the vehicle is done by technicians with their robotic arms in mission or at a base with a working hangar. in the hangar its a set rate of HP/hr…in mission it uses the arm charges for a base of 120 HP per repair.

Looks like yet another bug then- its been in a base for a long time, and no ammo. I’ve given up playing as the game is now hanging on the enemy turn making it unplayable. Looking at this forum I’m not alone, so hope they squash this bug asap.

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Report bug using in game tools rather via forum to get it noted

What tool? I don’t see any option to do that in game? Isn’t the bug report section in these forums good enough for them?

Hit F12 in-game.

Thank you I’ll do that now