Areas of Improvement and Sugestions for the Game

Everything here is what in my opinion we should improve on the game or rework. I’m considering things that the devs already have in the work’s too (at least what we know that they have planned).

** Improve the diplomacy system:** In this one there’s two types of diplomacy that we have, one with the factions and another with the havens. The later one don’t being much used. About it I already have opened a Canny, so going to insert it here and if i remember well the devs stated that they have plan’s to improve the diplomacy system.

- Improvement how the exploration work’s and reduced number of havens to change the ODI system to a Population meter: This one is already in the works by the dev team, but one thing that i think that could be added and would be interesting is since they plan to reduce the number of havens in the game, we should have “big” nodes on the map that represent’s big abandoned cities, those nodes would let you Interact with then multiple times, and you could send a team to explore the city looking for resoucers or important reserch material, maybe even destroying a pandoran nest in the middle of a big city ruins. One thing that would add more flavor to those explorations, is that you would need a vehicle to explore the big cities, since going with a aircraft in the middle of the falling skyscraper would be to dangerous and getting a clean area to land would be even harder, this would add more variety to the missions that you have, more enviroments , more reasons to have vehicles and more depth to the strategic layer, since you have more options of “what I do now”.

- Dynamic Tutorial: This one the devs already said some months ago that they plan, to complety rework the tutorial system and this one of the most importante things, that would be good having complete before we get to the steam realese, to welcome the new players.

- Unique Boss Type Units to the Factions: The Factions already have a good progression, in their weapons and what they can do in field, but they lack some type of “big” boss type of unit, adding one type of unit that Phoenix Point wound’t be able of reverse enginering is nice, being those unit something like: New Jericho ( The big mechs that we have seen in the fig campaing, they would be heavily armored, with missile launcher’s, big machine guns, and even a stomp attack), Disciples of Anu (Having a big mutated grotesc humanoid, those being called “Son’s of the Dead God”, they would have many mutations to their arsenal, acid launcher(like a mini chiron), poison launcher in one the hand (like one of the mutations that you can get), a head that could make a frenzy buff for their allies “The Prays to the Dead God”, Synedrion (Cyborg like unit using their advanced AI, they won’t be tankier than the other two from, but they would be stealth, fast and would use the Laser katana that we really wanted that add both fire and bleeding debuff’s, making in combat use of the strategy of hit and run.

  • More alien variety: The factions already have a good amount of variety, but they need a boss type unit. But for the aliens, in most of the playtroughs, you encounter all the types of alien in the early – mid game, letting no surprises for the end game. I think that this one is already being worked by the devs, and they have changes of how the pandorans evolution will work on the game too.

- Steal Reserch Mission – This was already sugested in Canny, if I’m not mistaken, but adding the need to leave the map after getting the resourcers would make those missions more interesting, that and placing infinite reinforcements appearing every 2 ~ 3 turns. ( I don’t remeber how this works for the steal resourcers mission’s, but i think they would benefit from this change.

- Steal Aircraft Mission – This mission after you get to the Aircraft, tells you to hold for five turn’s, but they don’t send any reinforcements from the enemy, to attack you (don’t remember if this was changed) but adding the reinforcements after you get to the aircraft, would be really nice to make the mission interesting, and don’t have to spam end turn like five times.

- New enviroments/types of maps – Already in the work by the devs , and if I not mistaken they are going to drop it together DLC 2.

- Behemoths – Well I’m waiting for the big boys to come.

- Mutogs – Those buddies should only take two spaces on the ships, and get a bonus to movement as they lose health like some type of berserk/frenzy;

- Vehicles – Maybe the player could add, more things to it’s arsenal and improve it trough the game to make then realible;

- Base Defense – The one problem i think, is that most of the base defense missions is you camped in the unique entrance, and destroying the aliens, maybe having more than one entrance like it was in the past would make a better use of those maps.

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actually you don’t use diplomacy most of the time. You just get 3 or more missions and you get list of research projects. You can trade and recruit almost all the time, so there is not much of diplomacy in the game.

I think that this one is pure fantasy. Kind of good thing but not applicable to current game. It would require designing new model of missions, new environment maps with all kind of stuff generated on them (scavenge map tile set would become boring quite fast). It would also require new mechanics on the geoscape (ground vehicle exploration?). Explanation of falling skyscraper and no landing space for aircraft is way worse than just “you have not spare airships to do these missions - send ground forces”. Nevertheless I don’t see point for such solution.

Why? What for? We fight Pandoravirus not the factions. They already use human units which are kind of varied on skills and equipment. btw Laser Katana - do we play Star Wars game here?

I support all other ideas.

Perhaps a chain of consecutive maps with transitions through the evacuation zone.