Are AI controlled soldiers supposed to shoot?

I’m still a bit new to this game but I like it quite a bit. I only just started playing after the Danforth update. I’m confused about the AI -controlled soldiers on haven defense mission and rescue scavenge missions.

I know I can enter their circle to gain control of them, but are the AI-controlled soldiers supposed to do anything other than run around before I get manual control? I’m stuck on first rescue scavenge mission and have replayed several times. There are several AI soldiers to rescue but they just run around the map not shooting or do anything and are eventually killed by enemy before I can get near them. Shouldn’t these dudes defend themselves or at least hide?

Unfortunately the AI aren’t good at taking cover. Depending on the situation, they do take offensive behavior. Depending on the RNG, one can find then total idiots. Sometimes it’s worth another load from the Geoscape to get a better result.

Ah, that’s what I just discovered. On restarting the same rescue mission for 3rd time, the guys did actually fire at the enemies. The 1st two times they would run right up and stand there, promptly getting their heads blown off on the enemy turn.

Didn’t realize there was RNG for ally behavior. Kinda like it, as in maybe some dudes are just frozen in fright.

They are supposed to shoot. Their treated as a 3rd faction (of sorts) on the map. So will act independently until killed, or you taking control of them.