Arbitrary faction rep loss

Yeah, I really hate this. One faction: “Hey, you’re really helping us out. Have a gift.”
Other two factions “WhAt? ThAt MuSt MeAn ThEY hAte US!?” -5 rep.

It’s stupid. It’s just stupid. It’s a low effort, badly made, way of preventing the player from easily being friends with every faction.

You could at least have had things like faction quests where they’re at war with each other and you have to chose a side for certain conflicts. Helping a faction raid another would be fair reason to lose rep with a faction. Not accepting a gift!

Sorry for taking every advantage I can get during literal freaking Armageddon, I guess.

yeah it’s like a weird meow meow beans system, oh you’re friends with so and so, well let me reduce your rating with me then! lol. And they get agro with each other based on your actions as well, but i haven’t done a damn thing to harm any of them. And whats with each of them wanting me to wreck the others lol. There ought to be a 4th proactive option which is to help none of these self interested monsters and live a life of decadence with my squaddies in the mountains somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue: