Aircraft weapons appear to late in game

Aircraft weapons should appear sooner and need less research. When player gets it Behemoth is already dead so are useless researches.

Aircraft weapons appear to late in game | Voters | Phoenix Point

I always get the weapons long before the behemoth dies… though, after reading your stuff it sounds like you’ve won multiple games on legendary so clearly you’re very good at the game.

But I think they are a good ways out, like it would be way easier if you could get the best aircraft weapons faster.

Sounds like you’ve gotten to the point where you dominate the skies anyway but for most of us that moment doesn’t arrive until we have the better weapons and radar evasion etc.

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They are way to many weapons in the game and there are only a few useable. SN Laser and NJ Marauder are the best weapons, because of the range. SN Laser is good for level 1 and level 2 fighters and has no effect on level 3 fighters. NJ Marauder has good range and armor penetration, that is needed, if you want to defeat level 3 fighters with its 80 armor and weapons, that do 350 damage per hit at high range. So low range weapons are pretty garbage.

Not sure what are you talking about… Behemoth dead? You need proper aircraft for that, so also proper research which came from quite late story mission (if you don’t rush main story) and another research which is also showing after special mission done way after Behemoth appear.

And when Behemoth appear (just after Gift Mission / timeout) you already get fast research to have aircraft weapons…

So how it can happen that you get aircraft weapons after Behemoth’s death? Unless you forgot to research them after Gift mission OR unless you talk about best aircraft weapons… which now can show up really late.

I am talking best aircraft weapons that i developed almost when going to final mission and Behemoth was dead long time ago at that time.

Yeah I have never had the behemoth die before I get the really good stuff. You may just be too good at the air portion.

But I don’t see how they’d give us those late weapons faster without removing lots of the research tree needed to get there, a lot of which depends on combined faction research like syn and NJ to create, so diplomacy.

That’s one aspect of the game that feels pretty balanced.

Behemoth if fundamentally unfair. It is almost guaranteed to destroy/ruin at least one or even two havens each time it appears, BEFORE spawning enough fliers so that it could be stopped,
As result the only solution is to:

  1. delay it’s activation as much as possible (don’t do gift mission early)
  2. kill it as soon as possible (by 2nd or 3rd activation usually).

Expensive weapons high up the tech tree are just not a necessary part of this strategy. A chain fight with 2-3 aircrafts is already enough for highest tier panda fliers.

I’ve also seen very broken infected haven maps (all enemies given ideal positions on rooftops, BUT there are no ladders for me to get to them, giving them first turn advantage), so I don’t want to do too many of these either.