About reducing mobility

Actually, you are right. The mission is Brother where are thou, I believe. I had the same thing happen.

The fastest alien is Scylla on light legs. It has 30 speed, with frenzy 45. But to be true I have never seen her using that speed.

Second fastest alien is Chiron on light legs = 28 speed. With frenzy it is then 42 speed for 2 or 3 turn, but they really don’t use that speed, it is not important for them.

Next one is evolved Triton. 26 speed on agile legs, with frenzy 39 speed for up to 3 turns. This is significant, and in my opinion should be nerfed. :slight_smile:

Aliens which has also 30+ speed with frenzy are:
Siren on light tail = 33 speed
Evolved Triton on stealth legs = 33 speed
Not evolved Triton on agile legs = 33 speed
Evolved Arthron on agile legs = 30 speed

Without frenzy they are all between 12 to 22 speed with 3 exceptions above (and except worms which have 6 speed). And frenzy is often quite situational (aliens don’t always have it).

I’m not sure what is the point of writing it but @SpiteAndMalice here you have it. :slight_smile:

IMHO. If devs don’t want to change accuracy of the weapons then the distance a soldier can in a turn should be somewhere around 25% of the weapon accuracy change. For a simple reason that repositioning for 1AP shouldn’t raise your chances to hit something by a 100% as it does right now. This is what turns ballistics into a gimmick currently.

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For once we agree :grinning:

Maybe I’m not understanding correctly, but wouldn’t that mean that max distance in tiles would depend on the weapon?

Soon we’re all running with knives because it’s faster.

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Why do you have to take it so literally…

Afaik weapon spread is linear, it doesn’t matter which one you take.

Sorry, TBH, I don’t actually understand what you are suggesting.

What is the “weapon accuracy change”?

I think once we all do that this then means that the world is going to end :wink:

Ignore actual values, just look at diagram as illustration, imagine that each MOA is proportional to the size of the aiming reticule in comparison to a crab some distance away.
What happens right now in game is that at the start of your turn, an enemy just fits roughly into 100% of your aim, but after you moved closer to him, 100% covers just his head. That is bad for many reasons, but in short, it makes ballistics irrelevant if doubling or tippling your accuracy is so trivial.
The reason why weapon doesn’t matter is because the spread is linear, so MOI changes linearly too and 25% of some MOI is just that - 25% of something.
You can take the worst and the best spread and find something that works in the middle. For example shotgun can probably be the only weapon on hit or miss type, meaning that this is the only weapons where spread is drastically large therefore getting closer even by 5 tiles can make a difference. But that shouldn’t be the case for the rest of the weapons and especially not for the SRs.

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Thanks for the info Yokes. :slight_smile:

The point is that at whatever speed the fastest PP squad members are able to move at, it should be no greater than the fastest speed the Pandoran creatures are able to move. To create a sense of balance (and horror) within the game, certainly some Pandoran creatures should be a bit slower than PP squad members, but there should be others that are always faster.

Regarding AI controlled humans, they should move at the same speed as PP squad members. Same anatomy, similar load-outs, they should have comparable speeds.

OK, thx for the explanation. Not sure I understand how that would work in PP though.

I’m now in game, looking at a target (a nice chequered, brown, 3x3 square) 34 tiles away in freeaim (with my basic SR, a trooper with +30% to aim) (though all this shouldn’t matter if the weapon spread is linear).

At this distance my aiming reticle is covering fully the 5 squares in the centre and approximately half of the 4 outside squares. The inside circle is covering the central square and about 6% of each the 4 squares adjacent to it (according to my approximate calculations), so I have around 1/2 (100% - 6*4%) = 38 % of hitting the central square. As I move 9 tiles forward, the inner circle of the aiming reticle just about covers only the central square, so it goes up to 50% from the initial 38%. So it shoud take 18 tiles to increase aim by about 24%. So given the approximate nature of my calculations, make it 20 tiles to increase accuracy by 25% to be sure.

I don’t have a background in maths, so it’s entirely possible that I screwed up in my calculations.