1.0 melee/bash hitting the wrong/unsuspected target and in an easily reproduce able situations

when a facehugger or what ever the name is jumped on the head of of an ally and you bash him you will not hit the facehugger but your poor mate.

In BB5 you could hit the facehugger. Sad if that changed

Incorrect. I managed to do that. However, you can target both ally and facehugger. Make sure you have clicked on the facehugger icon.

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No, already bashed 3 face-huggers to death. I suspect what @Wormerine said was true in your case.

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well used the option on the screen to click on the target not the icon to choice the target.

that limits the issue quite substantial not even sure how to fix this in this case to make it transparent.
i personally will not run into the issue again by just using the icon and call it a day.

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