What happens to the dead?

I think PP is missing an opportunity within its horror aspects of the game to show the player what happens to the bodies of PP troops (and perhaps haven members).

How would it be if when you investigated a Pandoran lair, that you had a chance to discover exactly what they’d done with the body of your beloved fallen comrades?

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Since you get their gear back, I don’t think the Pandorans have their bodies.

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Always figured they were dissolved for biomass or, since you often come by corpses while exploring, just left to rot.

It’s perhaps a missed opportunity, but I don’t remind such approach as much lovercraft like. I didn’t read some since 40 years so I could not remind well. :slight_smile:

No, ‘a fate worse than death’ is a general horror trope rather than Lovecraftian per say.

Pleeease no more zombies :nauseated_face:

That kinda happens in mission via mind control. - I was thinking more about making them part of the scenery when exploring lairs; being fed upon, worms crawling out of them, crabmen using them as living shields, that kind of thing.

It also adds some scope for a rescue attempt and/or putting them out of their misery.

That would be ok. Just not living dead scenario, that theme is exploited too much.

In the code yesterday, I read a status that is “Zombification”, between “Paralysis” and “Poison”. Haven’t seen where it is used (if it’s used) or if it will in a future DLC.

Five years ago it would be ok. In 2020. it’s so lame.

That remainds me that devs mentioned rescue missions are in consideration… another thing not implemented.

Part of Backers Build 4. When Siren infected your soldier and his will points dropped to 0 then he became dying helpless zombie (he was an enemy but I don’t recall them doing anything except running around). It couldn’t be cured and soldier was dead in max 10 turns. You had to finish him to complete the mission (kill all enemies objective). Fortunately Will Points were easy to replenish so infection was rather not likely to zombiefy your soldier in the first place.

It would actually be fun if a character dies, if randomly one of the arthrons had his name.

Different tastes then :man_shrugging:
I don’t like zombies, theme is too exploited in both films and games. And maybe, just maybe :rofl: , it has something to do with that, that I played “They Are Billions” like mad before this.

EDIT: I have to admit that this thing which @Yokes wrote about zombification after death from panda virus have sense.