Weapon handling and ambidexterity

Please differentiate hands for the purposes of using equipment. Now it doesn’t matter which hand was crippled as you can still use one-handed items without a problem. Soldiers should be more proficient with one particular hand than the other, at least at the start. When you will use less trained hand accuracy penalty could be worse. It can be soldier statistic and be part of training like ‘both hands proficiency’, also artificial limbs in New Jericho could be without this penalty. And some soldiers could be ambidextrous to omit this penalty.

EDIT: Oh above relates to weapons but in case of using medkit with not proficient hand it could have some failure (no healing) value.

Please stop. So many mechanics need to be implemented and ambidexterity feels like least important now… People ask for reducing the frequency of arm-disabling and weapon-disabling and you ask the opposite.
So ambidexterity would make my right-handed soldier (with right arm disabled) unable not only to use his main weapon but throw a grenade or use medkit as well? No thanks.
Or do you want to differentiate even which specific soldier use which hand to use specific equipment? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ambidexterity means that soldier can use either of his hand equally good. So if your right-handed soldier is wounded in the right hand he can use his left hand without any penalty. Comparing to soldier without ambidexterity. :wink: Now soldiers seem to have something like that even if it wasn’t planned this way. :wink: And I meant that every soldier could start as right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous. First two types could train to be like the third or… use cybernetic implant from New Jerycho, or mutation from Disciples of Anu, or some fancy VR tech from Synedrion (I’m not sure what they will have comparing to NJ and DoA).

I know there are more important mechanics. I just give ideas. If devs will have time (may not happen) maybe they will implement something like this. :wink: I understand that people beg for more easy game, but hey, there also may be some higher difficulty for other players. I don’t see any issue with arm or weapon disabling. :wink:


Don’t forget the 4th class from new Jerico. The engineer ! Which is not yet implemented and should be capable of repairing injured limbs or weapons.

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I think that people are not “begging” for easier game but more fair game. I am not afraid of this feature because I know it’s still early development and devs are just testing some cool mechanics, so if these mechanics will be implemented in the final game, they will be polished, too.

Oh I missed the mark, I was thinking about non-ambidexterity rather and wrote quite the reverse :grinning:

Yes, I’m already wonder what engineer will be capable of, aside from fixing limbs :slightly_smiling_face:

the issue isn’t about game difficulty here, but about needless complexity, extra features and dev. time.

Is this a feature that would significantly enhance gameplay, an additional complexity that would lead to meaningful choices and decisions, or a gimmick?

That’s the kind of stuff I’d expect to see in mods, but wouldn’t really want devs to spend time on when there are much more thrilling things in the pipeline.

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I would say implementing this won’t be much difficult, and won’t increase complexity too much. But it would be interesting to have in mind that you need to hide right hand more carefully. Of course this is not a mechanic most wanted by me, but I would prefer developers over some modders who should implement such thing.

If I well remember there was something like that in UFO: Enemy Defence, ane UnstableVoltage mentioned something about firing with pistol in your right hand would be better than in left hand. So why not improve it a little bit with special arms or modifications from factions. :wink: Of course no pressure on this. :slight_smile:

I’ve always been overjoyed when a developer includes handedness into a game where weapons are wielded. I’m left handed, and I’m forever trying to primaries in that slot. Its helpful with fps especially, since it feels more natural to aim something on the left side of my view.