Update Today? Any Notes

Just got a good size update on epic. Any notes on it? Thanks

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nothing changed for me… game still broken

broken? where?

I got a 7.8 gb update. Wouldn’t be the first with no communication.

It is so big because it is also engine update and some optimisations.

Thanks for the info.

everytime you kill an umbra tha game freezes… it is impossible to evolve in the game

but did you update to 1.7.2 ?

Mine is 1.7.62677 on EGS

that is the last one

In game it reads 1.7.2

Yes, I did.

Can you focus on one thread please? I’m slightly confused :wink:

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Still seeing issues with hung animation with Manticore landing during day.

Can you report with F12 please? F12 reports should be accessible even during a hang.

It was reported updates ago, but will send it again as it still exists.

*Where, and Under What Conditions is your game Broken?

It works fine for me. But I am mildly disappointed about the Hoplite reduction … Not. :fist_right:t4: :+1: :fist_left:

For the record, I just sent an F12 regarding this ongoing issue.

It worked… I was using a save game… It seens that we don’t see unbras anymore

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