Not sure how I feel about the limb/weapon damage system

  • news on the site (updated once a month?)
  • faq on the site (I’m not sure if updated but have quite a lot of information)
  • facebook fanpage and facebook group with developers sometimes commenting about things
  • youtube channels of users UnstableVoltage (from dev team), Retcon Raider (passionate gamer), some of the events where Snapshot Games present Phoenix Point
  • and probably discord forum (but I don’t have time to search there)
  • and of course this forum (developers sometimes confirm here something) :wink:
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I am going to just throw my chit on this topic as well… just as general feedback.

In my experience… almost every time I play… I get my sniper into a high position, to rain terror down, and they almost always destroy his rifle. Every darn time. Which then makes him pretty useless.
On the same token… Almost every game, someone gets hit and loses their weapon arm… which again, makes them pretty much worthless on the battlefield. I get it. I do (as in the above-mentioned Reality thread). I get the idea behind it, I really do. However in my experiences, it seems to happen WAAAAAY too much. (again knowing it’s an Alpha build). :slight_smile: Just giving my personal feedback. If this is something they keep in-game, it needs to be a miniscule chance. Not every darn game.

They will probably keep it. And yes it is annoying but keep in mind that:

  • now there is no sight range limit so enemy keep shooting at long range where in final game they probably won’t be seeing you so far away (especially your sniper on the high ground)
  • in Backers Build 1 almost half of the enemies have guns with armor shredding ability, where in final game you probably won’t see so many mutants’ machine guns until some point in the campaign (but fighting other factions will bring this danger sooner than later) when you probably will have some means of deflecting/reducing damage
  • now enemy has limitless ammo and they shoot whenever it is possible, raining bullets at you, in final game maybe they will be less aggresive and will respect their ammo limit so you won’t get hit in each turn. :wink:
  • there will be way to heal damaged body part on the mission (technician with his equipment), so soldiers won’t be useless for the rest of the battle, you just need to remember to take at least one such soldier with you… only question is if this healing ability won’t be hindered when enemy will hit technician :slight_smile:
  • it also could mean that you expose your soldiers too much, remember that it is not usual to get hit and survive it without any drawback, so hide your soldiers when you see enemy with ranged attack :wink:
  • sniper rifle is fragile weapon so try to change it to a pistol at the end of turn, so if enemy will try to shoot your sniper there won’t be sniper rifle at the line of sight

It’s actually possible to have any equipment destroyed that is on your quick select wheel. All of those items are either in hand or somewhere externally on the player model. Even if it’s holstered, it can still be hit.

oh crab… Didn’t noticed that. :slight_smile:

I do believe anything in your inventory is considered safe though. (at least, for now).

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