Missions' difficutly needs to be less random

I don’t really have a problem with stuff being too easy (it’s not) or too hard (it’s not), but I can’t help but notice that it’s all over the place; and that’s pretty unsightly.

The best example of this would be that very first New Jericho mission: kill some guys, nothing too suspicious, right? Well, except that on Legendary this mission is a few times more dangerous due to a wild priest appearing. Contrary to this, Synedrion first mission is only slightly more dangerous, additional infiltrator would drain some of your HP at the very best; and Anu mission is tougher but if you notice that crane, it makes no difference.

Another example are nests: nests are ridiculously RNG-based on difficulties below legendary: there’s only 1 sentinel, and you might spawn near it and finish the mission literally in one turn. Or you might spawn far away and this particular batch of pandorans might have launchers, and the whole mission might be x100 times more dangerous compared to the lucky outcome.

Any story mission vs humans might involve a ridiculous amount of snipers, and any guy you left in their LoS will be very dead for sure… or it might have a less crazy mix of enemies, making the mission several times easier. And so on.

This absolutely wild RNG-based difficulty variation out of nowhere have to go. Missions should be hard or easy based on difficulty, not on random dice rolls determining your spawnpoint or enemy spawn types.