Mark for death and combat stall

There was a siren which my soldier could see (red icon). I then clicked on the “marked for death” icon and then the siren icon was disabled (got gray). I clicked on it anyway and clicked on the button “marked for death”. Then the game stalled. I’m posting here because i tried 3 times to send a F12 report with no sucess. About the stall problem, not even issuing the win command ended the mission…

I’ve had several similar situations. Usually triggered after firing again after the first shot. For example, I’d use an Assault with a rifle to shoot at something after using QA. Use QA again, and any attempt to fire after that first time will potentially cause a lock. The soldier and camera get locked into preparing to fire, but nothing ever happens. I’ve let it sit for well over an hour but that didn’t help. No commands worked. I had to force close the game in each situation.