I'm bummed but uninstalling this game for a single objectively bad mechanic: Virus

It is a basic medkit with this research: Phoenix Project research - wiki.phoenixpoint.com

Virophage kit already does remove virus.


But not paralysis :wink:

Recover ability should Actively help = reduce viral contamination and accelerate the release of paralysis. Let it be a micro value, but it will already be the Player’s Decision, the result of spending 4AP (8-12AP).

At FiraCom, Hunker Down helped to wait 2-3 turns in a cloud of acid without moving, and not get infected.

It will now assuming it doesn’t reverse the improved medikit fix. Which I reckon is 50 50 likely to be forgotten.

That should be a good enough fix to paralysis. I’m not sure about recover as you will get a strange flip flopping between panic and not if you have lots of virus. I don’t know if it will do enough to help player characters and at the same time not make Pandorans too resistant. I feel it may need something active as NoStats says. Time will tell.

There remains the “both legs injured and heavy armour” so you are stuck mission kill state which I have had one time. Carrying buddies (or removing armour) would work but even then speed 1 would make really tedious mission endings, even more then the usual extract ones.
UFO had carrying injured (or maybe just corpses) - you can fudge the animation it’s the gameplay that matters :wink:


Heavy Armor = Jump Jet?
And else: Technician, Aspida or, if using bionic legs, the Repair Kit.
Otherwise = pretty long trapped, I agree.

I would be happy with any solution that allowed me to exit a mission I have completed without needing to carry specific supplies to get people out of any sort of stunlock (viral/paralysis ect). Once I’ve completed all objectives, finishing the mission should not involve any excessive wait cycles on the players part.

At this point there are a few easy dirty fixs

  1. Remove and do not allow stunlock abilities once the main objective is over (Of course this requires other considerations for missions that don’t have a main objective, like scavenging.)
  2. Simply not require evac. The player hits an Evac button when they are done and they instantly leave. (I know this flies in the face of a mechanic the developers want in the game, but you can’t have stunlock AND evac requriements.)

I actually hate going to evac points on all games that require it so I really like idea 2. Battletech auto-evacs you if you clear all objectives which is super nice. They let you manually evac if you only clear the primary objective.

It was a while ago so it was probably a sniper with minus speed gear - fire was involved and heavies are much less susceptible to that than snipers. At the time I did not have technicians - and in fact I pissed of NJ in that playthrough and did not think I could steal technology - my attempts to do so just got me research points. Repair kits are preposterously overcosted and I had no idea Aspida did healing at the time. My last and only complete playthrough I was forearmed through experience, other peoples playthroughs and the excellent wiki. I breezed through it all (though fire was involved in my save scumming IIRC) .

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What happens to the movement, if you throw away all the objects when your legs are broken?

You have more freedom of movement and lesser weight to crawl with your arms :stuck_out_tongue:

And what if you create a cheat: dropping all items = soldiers only in armor + using a medkit (like a deadly dose of tranquilizers) = 2AP desh of a healthy person.

Dropping Items but not the armor would not help much, the movement penalty is on the armor.
And Dash is calculated with the current speed, i.e. a Dash with 2 broken legs is the same as 2 AP normal move with 2 broken legs, dependant on the speed, 3-6 tiles maybe?

Or is that supposed to be a joke? Then => :rofl:

When the soldier remains only in armor, an Exceptional Scenario must be activated to facilitate evacuation.
You can think of many options for exclusion.

(@MadSkunky, 16/2=8MP) 8 tiles

dash (not as a skill) is a 2AP distance run

Ahh, as an exception to get a heavily wounded soldier out of mission, understood.

Could be a way, maybe …

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I agree that it makes missions more difficult but I somehow like it. Sometimes I even split my team to cover the future evacuation zone while the main force is nearing the main objective.
I also like that there are often two evacuation zones in the missions. It makes planning more interesting.

You can already do that with Paralysis. It’s not well known - and I keep telling PP they should include it in a pop-up tooltip when someone gets paralysed - but if you Evac all of your active soldiers, anyone who is still paralysed will automatically Evac with you.

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The problem with this is that Evac was introduced to prevent the ‘Jet to Maguffin - kill Maguffin - end mission’ cheat that was inherent in the first Lairs (and a few other missions), and which enabled a single Heavy to defeat a Lair in 2 or 3 moves.

Personally, I prefer Evac - to me it’s more realistic that once you’ve taken out the target you need to extract your team. But I know that’s a personal preference.

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Ok, the cheat was detected, but it can be killed when the team is far away. Imo, you need to actively act according to your plan, step by step, without leaving possible problems behind.

It would be fine if ailments didn’t cause you to be unable to evac teammates. And when enemies spawn every few turns, it’s not safe to leave anyone behind even if it picks up paralyzed folk when you do.

And since a teammate can be in fear indefinitely it ruins the evac mechanic since you can never leave. Which is why I made this thread.

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I like it in theory but it leads to lots of tedious gameplay just moving guys across maps. Even if enemies are spawning they are never numerous enough to be a threat. The end game is drawn out enough as it is without this.

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