Backer of the game. Gog key no complete edition

I was a backer. I got my Gog key fine. Since the complete edition I haven’t got all the DLC. It wants $15 to upgrade. I think this was included in my initial deal.
Any info. would be great.
I never understood the yearone edition but now with the complete edition I see it.

There used to be a couple of people on the forum that had comms with the devs?


I think that the problem is that you did not use your Expansion Pass key. I checked your email you used for registration on this forum and it matched with one backer email. So I re-sent Expansion Pass key to that email.

Hope it helps and if not please reply to the email I sent you.

I did reply. Before the Complete edition was a thing I had the yearone edition. So Gog Knows what’s up. They offer the upgrade to me at 33% off but I should get it free. I really don’t understand it.

I did send you one more email. Hopefully it will work now.


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