August Development Update

So what do you think about it?

  1. Much higher “Hit Points” around 100 for Soldier. Also for Aliens? But if you see the NJ-AR-50 the dmg per burst ist still 3. Will it be harder to kill them with more Life or does it stay where it was for aliens?

Would be nice to see if all units now have a higher life base, it will be easier so balance all the weapons and abilities. I hope the armor system got a rework too. I like to see weapons that hurt like crazy against light armor / unprotected parts and other weaons that will pierce through armor like butter with a lower damage.

  1. Action Points with 0,5 decimal value, I don’t like it, make is clear and easy with full numbers please!

  2. Mist speadings looks great but I’m not sure about the red color.

  3. I would also like to see a bit more darker, more apocalyptic world from the beginnings like here:
    PP dark world
    PP dark world
    PP dark world

I would say the only two factions with a brighter, more futuristic atmosphere should be Synedion and Phenix Project here.


I was going to start a thread like this on my own, but you beat me to it. Oh well :smiley:

Now, I’m also one of those who would prefer the darker, apocalyptic world presented in the first trailers. By now, the setting seems a bit cleanier and shinier that what I would like, and I’m not sure that’s the best direction.

Those bridges in the alien’s nest seem so… human! It’s the kind of constructions that don’t seem to settle that well within an alien entity.

The geoscape layer seems to present more than one vehicle to drive around, at least one airbourne and two on the ground. That settles very well with the idea of directing a world war with the aliens.

And that mad max independent assault? You sexy sexy thing!

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lol I was also typing…

Increase in HP and damage pools is good idea. While playing all builds i felt that there is not enough difference between weapons, and how different bullets do damage. Also when having in mind that there will be different types of ammo there was not enouth space for differentiation. Also alien body parts and human armor parts were not really different between each other. So great decision. It would also help to show real difference in skills bonuses, for example Light Weapons Expert gave +20% damage. Reception is different when you see 3 damage boosted to 3.6 and when you see for example 15 boosted to 18. While mechanically it doesn’t matter then visually it is more appealing. It also will be return to old X-COM where soldiers had quite nice HP pool. I just wonder… Will Crab Queen have up to 2000 HP? Quite a lot, but well, she is boss after all. :slight_smile:

Observations from first screenshot (increased hp) - you really have changed a lot of things there:

  • It loooks like glitch in UI (because 7th screen shows the same for Ares AR) Cypher hangun now does 2 types of damage with single bullet? And it has 5 bursts where burst has 4 bullets? Even if it is for Ares assault rifle it is great idea to show individual bullets in weapon.
  • Weapon icons on the right show how many ammo is left - also good choice, because we won’t have to change weapon to check its ammo status
  • I wonder what are those marks below abilities, 1 below bash and inventory and 3 below overwatch? What it can be?
  • Soldier icons on the left show Time Units available for each soldier - I was really missing such functionality when having 8 soldiers (or more in Phoenix Base defence)
  • I wonder what are those marks on enemy health bars… but definitely it will be great addition :slight_smile:

Second screenshot (alien base):
No crabmen spawner? At least I don’t see space for it there. So it means different objectives in alien bases? Nice open map overall - but then question is, if not too much open as for a cave. :slight_smile:

3rd screenshot (Synedrion haven):
I like this setting. It will probably look most awesome in dusk or dawn lighting.

4rd screenshot (UI changes):

  • Finally production takes time!
  • There are faction transports on the globe! :slight_smile:
  • Each haven has some area of influence (black area around them)?
  • Manticore can scan area for interesting sites! (no more stupid and expensive radars?)
  • Isolines! So height over the sea will have some impact?
  • There is less POIs available than in BB4
  • What is that percent meter in upper right corner? Likehood of alien attack on one of our bases?
  • What is this wrench icon? Mantiore will have some repair functionality?
  • What is the blue icon on top of geoscape view (north of NJ haven)?
  • What is that place east of NJ haven (near north most range of Manticore)?
  • What are those resource icons under havens?

5th screenshot (soldier info)
Ok i think. But I think we need info about each body part and equipment, what is their condition. Will it be available after pressing some key? Like “hold ctrl” to show soldier’s condition.

6th screen (deployment)
Don’t forget about players soldier deployment. :wink: Quite many spawning points are there near the borders. But screen doesn’t explain what we see over there.

7th screenshot (aiming screen)
What are those stinking and healing abilities? Is this Anu mutation for torso? But why on Independent Assault?

8th screen/video (mist)
Astonishing! So isolines are for reducing mist spread? “Fantastish!”

9th screen (base management)
I can’t figure out this screen but I suppose you have something interesting in mind. :wink:

Screen with AR doing 3 damage must be old design. In BB4 it already had 4 damage. :slight_smile: And I suppose now it will be more like 30 or 40.

To be true we have 4 small actions. Some abilities just use 2, 3 or 4 action points. Only movement use some partial values.

If you mean values above screen, then I suppose those are max capacities of barracks and vehicle bays / hangars.

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It looks to be an independent haven in the vicinity of the Berens River First Nation

But Independent Havens have icon of white house, not white dot or star. :wink:

No problem with that, as long as we don’t have numbers like in D3 with thousand Billions of Life everything is fine. :wink:

Looks like it, maybe it will also or only show the size of the haven?

Pretty sure it will be the ressources you get from them or they can provide.

When I think about it more, then maybe some havens will produce some kind of resource, and you will be able to trade for it or steal it with special missions?

You can get all of that info if you click again on the selected unit. The screen isn’t shown here.


Right, if you have a good relation you might get a small amount of the ressources as extra income or you might steal all if you fight them. Both possible. Trade would be also fine.

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Yeah, I’m with Ryu, specifically I’d like the UI to seem a little darker rather than as clean and clinical as it seems to be. But as I also mentioned elsewhere, they’ll likely change that up :slight_smile:

Maybe it will decrease when aliens will attack such haven and defenders will loose. So this is graphical representation of haven population condition? Or maybe havens will contact (or battle) each other if their areas will make contact?

I suppose they are the cost in Action Points for each ability. They are the same color as the AP bar on the left side

But… Well… Maybe you are right.

  • Inventory usually doesn’t cost to look at, but maybe this is indicator that it can cost 25% if you move something.
  • And overwatch can be for other weapon than shown on the screen, as there is inconsistency between screens.

So great catch. :wink: And also nice addition to UI where you see at glance how much action points will each ability cost you.

Yep, fred will be right, but Overwach 75% AP with a Pistol? But the question will be, why is there no indicator for the normal shot?

And… the left indicator says 35% AP left but it is 2,5 bars of 4, so it should be 1,5 bar or 65%.

Maybe it is the indicator for the left APs after you move to the selected point?

On the right side with the items, it makes sense, Rife 75%, Pistol 50% and Medkit 25%.

Btw I’m not sure but status icons should be retained for not selected units. Screen say that they are disabled for such units. It would make healing easier if you have currently selected unit with some medical / support skills.

Lots of things to get excited about. Increase in healthpools and damage, should offer some more nuance with which Snapshot could play around. As weapons use burst shots, it should give devs more space to manouver balance wise.

All other stuff looks good, and I can’t wait to see what the new beta will showcase.

One of those updates, that would make me upgrade my pledge if such option were available :smile:

I’d like to indicate a strong preference for portraits on the character info screen. The photo indicates that you currently considering alternatives. Please choose the alternative that most closely replicates the feeling of connectedness that was created with the BB feeling. Stoller … Thompson, with his busted nose. Fantastic.

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I don’t think it would be practical to have drawn portraits for all units like we had for those special characters, but pictures based off snapshots of the models or something would work IMO.

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I suppose that picture near the soldier’s name will be 3D model of his real face from roster screen, along with all customizations which player will apply to that face. Portraits from BB1 and 2 were for specific and defined NPCs :slight_smile:


Maybe they could be made out of humans :yum: