Will there be cross platform play?


I don’t really know how the technical side of things works with something like this, but essentially what I’m wondering is:

a) whether someone playing the game via mobile would be able to play a match against someone on PC

b) whether I would be able to start a game on my PC, and then continue via mobile whilst on the move?


No, there will be no cross-platform play.

Chaos Reborn (desktop) and Chaos Reborn Adventures (mobile) are two independent titles.



  • Are there differences between the two games? (I’m not finding a lot of concrete info online)


From the version I have seen they are mostly the same in terms of modes and gameplay, though this is subject to change if Big Blue Bubble choose to further develop.


If they could add asynch and make it possible to play asynch game between either version that would be amazing. I think you would get a huge take up then too.


The mobile port does have async - but will still not be cross compatible. Snapshot Games are currently not actively developing Chaos Reborn. Big Blue Bubble may choose to update Chaos Reborn: Adventures. For this reason, they are two separate titles.


Do the mobile port really have async? I have not bought it yet, but thought I read a review somewhere that said it did not have async

And… what exactly differs from pc vs mobile versions? In terms of game features? I know that online realms are not in the mobile version. And possibly async matches? Anything else missing?


The mobile port has async, but doesn’t have the online realms.


Thanks for reply. Glad to hear async matches actually are in mobile version as well, so I will probably pick it up based on that.

I got the “no async” info from this review at Android Police:
Android Police
where they say "The only downside is that battles take place in real time. So be prepared to play through an entire online match before you start one. There is no asynchronous multiplayer gameplay to be found here."

So, that is wrong? Was it implemented after this review?

What about the rotatable camera and zoom from Steam version? Available on mobile as well?


Answering my own questions, since I got the game about a week ago. Async games are in, so the review I linked to above was wrong about that. Camera/zoom works as in PC version.

Not available in mobile version:

*Online Realms (already mentioned)
*In-Game chat (during multiplayer). You can chat in the lobby, though, I think… I tried several times to post a message but nothing happened.