Will there be a mutated overgrown scavenger map tileset?

The new overgrown scavenger map tileset that has been added in the Danforth patch is a good addition to the game, that makes sense for it to exist in the game world and provides welcome variety to the scavenger missions.
But in a future patch, will we also receive a scavenger map tileset for mist-covered scavenger missions, that is overgrown with mutated Pandoran vegetation as well?
If a mist zone is covering a scavenging site on the geoscape, wouldn’t it make sense that it would be infecting and mutating the native plant life at that location?
Like a mutated version of the overgrown scavenger map tileset, where the ruined buildings and ground are covered with pulsating purple vines like the ones at the bridge entrance of Fort Freiheit in BB1 and BB2, and where the mutated Pandoran plants that are already in the Pandoran nest, lair and citadel tilesets and the Disciples of Anu Slum and Temple tilesets could be placed all over the map.
Not to mention having quite a few mist sentinels and already existing mist patches throughout the map.

Scavenger map missions with a tileset like this could do a lot to further the impression to the player that the Pandoravirus is constantly spreading all over the earth, changing the Earth’s ecosystem over time to be increasingly alien, nightmarish and hostile to humanity.
A Pandoravirus-mutated overgrown scavenger map tileset has the potential to be very atmospheric and immersive to play in. Is a map tileset like this already being worked on?


Very nice idea. You should propose it on Canny: https://phoenixpoint.canny.io/feedback?sort=trending
That’s the best way to get something like this implemented in the game.

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I’ve just proposed it on Canny in the comment section of the ‘Improve Map Variety’ feedback topic. If I posted it as a separate topic it would get consolidated into the improve Map Variety topic anyway. Thanks for considering it as a nice idea.

Devs should definitely go this way.

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I’ve just realised that Phoenix Point had a tileset similar to this, all the way back in the days of the Fig crowdfunding campaign. The oil rig map tileset that was used to demonstrate the earliest gameplay has Pandoran Flora growing all over the rusty, dilapidated machinery and buildings.
I’ve rewatched the Youtube videos that were showing it 3 years ago. Feels nostalgic to see them again.

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Was a discussion a few months back requesting a reintroduction of that tileset and one or two others as they really did a great job of establishing the atmosphere of the game universe before whatever decision was made that made everything a whole lot more neutral.

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