Where can I buy?

Where can I buy a Phoenix point tea shirt and mug?
I can’t find anything on the Snapshot site.

Here, I found one!

Thanks. Found the Kraken tea shirts site and they do them in several colours and styles, and you can buy them here in the UK.
I like the red with black arms.

But those aren’t official, are they? If I would buy shirt with Phoenix Point logo I would pay the developers rather than some cloth manufacturer.

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No, those aren’t official. Don’t expect them to be on the site for very long :smiley:


But there is no official merchandise or I would buy from them.
I thought they would. Even you-tubers have their own merchandise these days.

Good job they got pointed out, its wrong if they don’t have permission from Snapshot to print. You guys should get some official merch done!

We need some word from the dev’s if they are going to do their own merchandise. I would prefer to buy the original stuff.