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I’m enjoying the pre-alpha 2. Thanks for giving us a build!

Would like to see:

  • Currently can’t pick up dead soldier weapons (part of the map) – this has to change. If you can see it you should be able to acquire it.
  • Cost-Based Ability Colors (example: 0%-white, 25%-blue, 50%-yellow, 75%-orange, 100%-red, x%-black not enough actions remaining)
  • It would be great to have the 4 bars of actions % under each character (along with their armor/health etc.) maybe as well as on the bottom of the screen. I cannot see the 4 bars on my projector where they are, and I know some TVs will have this trouble too (I know you’re porting to Xbox One). And it would be easy to add. Could even be added as a setting in the Options menu.
  • Mid-mission leveling or evolving. Since adding on fungal extremities or weapon bits is bound to happen, what happens when they get out of control mid-mission, like after x-action or x-number of turns your morphed rocket launcher grows, etc., gives you that good feeling like unlocking Ability Points in WOTC.
  • Ability to unlock mid-mission abilities through special achievements – moral boosting feats for double-kills, one-hit-kills, etc…
  • Grimy’s Loot type of weapons in cases. That is weapons with different upgrades in the cases scavenged on missions,
  • Environments that progress, such as two ships going parallel that can be moved with pilots. Or a map that has a volcano that’s exploding, adding a slow-turn-by-turn lava evolving death trap branching the battlefield in two.
  • Jetpack demo landing.

Thoughts, Opinions…?

Also it said on purchase that I could get a Steam code for the game, but it never gave me the chance to ask for one. I would really like to have Phoenix Point through Steam. Thanks.

Also are there plans for the Steam Workshop to function?



All ideas are great and breath of fresh air, +1

Steam will be functional when game is fully released, prior to it everyone will pick GOG/Steam key.

Steam Workshop isn’t Steam, it’s the mod repository. As far as I’m aware, mod support is planned but won’t be there at launch, as per @UnstableVoltage’s post three months ago.

Aside from this, I’m not too fond of mid-mission evolving (not fond as if “heh, why not but low priority”) but would love dynamic environments (possibly limited to a few scripted missions to avoid messing with procedural map generation). I’d also be wary of going crazy on loot. I was never overly fond of Grimy’s loot mod in the first place since I found it to steal focus away from more important stuff.

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Thanks for correction, wasnt aware of it at all.
Out of existing moders repos loved MOD database

But, seems Half-life creators wish to “Borg” everything these days >:)

I have the same problem with hidden screen borders when connecting the laptop to my TV. Perhaps an video option to adjust the size of area visible on the screen (as in many console games) would solve this.

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