Umbra Hit waaaay too hard

Uhhhh. They are made of tar no?

How do they hit for so much, tar is soft?

Shouldn’t they move slower? They are tar.

As it stands a mob that comes out of the ground instantly after the death of its host to hit for 90 per strike up to 3 times after being able to move is a poor attempt at intelligent AI.

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I agree in the sense that a tar umbra already is an extra enemy, with the advantage that it’ll attack you without you attacking it first. An advantage no other enemy has - hidden tritons can be found, and reinforcements lose their first turn with movement only. Thus, it makes sense that it should at least be weaker or at least not so strong and mobile.

Also, the mechanics of dealing with them before spawning (fire, paralysis and MC) should be mentioned somewhere in the game, with a research being my preferred option.


They should definitely be slower and stupider. No running past the nearest target to attack the less-armored soldier.