Two Questions About Blood And Titanium

Why was the reveal trailer not posted on your official forums but on some obscure facebook page instead ?

What rationale is behind limiting cybernetic body parts as well as mutations ? Why can I not be a full cyborg/mutant but a full mixture ?

It was also posted on our official YouTube channel.

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Yes, I have found it when I was googling for it. I am checking these forums every other day. I noticed the talk about an upcoming DLC but could not find anything else about it, so I did a google search. This should not be needed. Use your primary communication platform.

(edit) I always come off as a dick when criticizing. It’s really not meant like that :frowning:

In fairness, Facebook is our primary communication platform. It’s where we did the bulk of our advertising and has by far the biggest audience. Our FB page has more followers than the forums, reddit, YouTube, Twitter and everything else combined. FB is usually the best way for us to ensure maximum reach.

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Fair enough, indeed.

I’d still announce everything here and only put a link onto 3rd party sites like facebook/reddit/whathaveyou.