Tactical gameflow

Currently, nearly all missions begin with the full enemy team spawning randomly on the map, except Ambush (i guess). The farther one is into the campaign, the more enemies will spawn.

This results in very harsh first enemy turns that are both deadly and very very long.

The Willpower loss for each death emphacises the following crumble of one side, leading to a turn 2 and 3 more about mopping up than anything.

The first turn is determinant to the success of the mission, imho exagerately so.

There shouldn’t be dozen of enemies at the same time, it pushes the TBS to its knees.

Here i come to the point : The gameflow could benefit from more usage of the reinforcement mechanic, introducing new enemies over the turns.
It would be a good oportunity to introduce stronger and stronger enemies, ending with Scylla, rather that relying on first turn assassination.
The pace would be much more spread through the whole mission, turn times much more bearable, enemy turns less deadly (especially the first one), and soldiers could settle a little more in the map.
There could still be an incentive to act fast and furious in many situations, like when you have a clear objective to reach, and could be implemented further with some tweaking to the willpower mechanic.
As an example, if all enemies are dead or panicking, their whole team will just retreat.

While I agree to a point, that was kind of how it was in Backer build 5 (the only one I’d played)

The problem is, if you succeed well in the early few turns, you end up sweeping the map and “spawn camping” the aliens. When they spawn, they (seem to) only get 1 AP to walk on. This makes them very easy pickings.

The alternative would be to give them full actions on the turn they arrive, but then you get some really un-enjoyable situations as a player… Maybe if there was a warning of where exactly they’ll arrive, what type they are and with a turn or twos notice? That might be okay, but I still think you’d often wipe out the first few aliens, then just overwatch camp the new arrivals.

Can’t the game just spawn all new enemies outside of perception range? It knows where your soldiers are, after all. Just have enough spawn points that you can’t cover them all.

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Theoretically, yes. That would be a sensible solution too. The enemy would have little flanking forces every few turns. At least you should be able to guess where they might come from and you’d have to watch your back (which you don’t really need to do atm)

Haven battles where one faction is attacking another do utilise the reinforcements mechanics extensively (you usually fight 3-4 at a time, and they trickle in through the reinforcement locations over subsequent turns until you kill all of them).

Never found any one where the Pandorans do that (apart from the one-off reinforcement in Ambush missions, and the lair reinforcements where they already have more guys than you to start with).

That’s a nice idea. :slight_smile:

I certainly feel that reinforcement points should be hidden. Fine if the player susses out which direction those reinforcements are coming from, but it should be telegraphed to you on turn 1, and when they’re arriving at the far side of the mapl