Suggestion: Blood trails

So how about if bleeding enemies (and your own soldiers for that matter) drops a blood trail as they try to escape?
It would be easier to find those aliens that moves away when hurt, and it would be up to the player to spot those trails and send their hunters to find the wounded targets.
And if your own soldiers are wounded and starts to bleed, then any alien not engaged in combat could try and follow the train to your wounded soldier that you’re trying to escape with.

Even further suggestion: To make it even more interesting, give us technology to research for a hand scanner (that wont take up an item slot by the way, its small enough), and after you have this scanner it will either be equiped freely for all your soldiers, or if you think it would be more fun give it a cost so we have to pay for it, and if we have a soldier standing near a blood trail we can now hoover the mouse over the trail to get information like what sort of alien the blood is from and how many turns ago it walked there, etc.
Just a suggestion. Only bad thing I can think of is that it could be a lot of trails all over the place depending on how the enemies are wounded and move around in the final game. Maybe make the trails a bit obscure.


Or different colours for different enemy types.

Nice idea :slight_smile:


Great idea.

When you blow the arms off a crabman early in the mission and they take off to the back of a map to hide. Would save the search at the end of the mission.

Would be cool to research technology that then highlights the blood trails as fluro green or something as you said. Would also make hunting an invisable predator sytle alien possible…



I am of the same opinion +1

Nice idea. It could work for both sides, with some sort of alien hunter detecting bleeding soldiers. It even sounds quite horrific: imagine one of soldiers is bleeding and because of that you’re expecting “hunter” to appear somewhere nearby. You want to encircle and defend that one soldier at any cost because he would be the most wanted prey for such enemy.


That would also be cool.

“If it bleeds we can kill it”

I do like the core concept.

Couple notes: it should be capable to track blood of individual enemies, and remove blood trails of those we already killed. Quite unrealistic, but it wouldn’t be helpful if entire map was covered it forensic trails.

perhaps a working motion scanner would be enough? I remember reading that it is bugged in the current build.


I like this idea as well

Love it! that tech would be fun!

I like it working in both directions and having to protect our own.

I keep idly thinking about this concept. The idea has evolved a bit over time (or should I say mutated? 'arf 'arf) what if there are certain missions that took place in an area where mutated earthworms or desert spiders lurk under the map?

All bleeding characters get harassed by them, forcing them to take high ground or heal?

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yep, really good idea and more convenient and realistic than using the little sound thing to track fleeing crabs :stuck_out_tongue:
Plus the fact it work on our dudes too make it “easier” to know if ennemy can track you rathen than relying on the furtivity stats and pray the Any god that noone will listen to his footsteps x)

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Or not move maybe? Nice idea :slight_smile:

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Thought that if you had a grenade or something go off, that could effectively end the whole mission. Whereas, if you just had to move to high ground, and overwatch back down your blood trail, it would only scupper that one turn.

Though having said that, I just realised I don’t know how much of a massive ball-ache it might be trying to get the AI to react to this sensibly. :grimacing: