Stun-locked by scream sentry

My whole party is panicked, recovers, gets panicked, recovers, gets panicked, gets murdered by literally any enemy because they can’t do anything.

It’s like no thought was put into the balance of this game. Just freaking put a turn or two cooldown on panicking. That or maybe have soldiers restore a minimum of 6 will points if screams take off 5.

Also the screaming sentry has 150 will points. They will NEVER run out. Why would you do that? How is that in any way balanced!? Like, maybe 30-50 would be fair, but 3x that!? It’s a joke. The balance of this game is a joke.


it’s not a big threat but you have to clic info and read every effect of every ennemy you encounter.

This sentry are pretty easy to deal with. They only see you if you walk really close to them (like less than 10 tiles). And won’t activate if you shoot them from afar, regardless it take you 10 turn to do so.

Each of the head have 50 will point. Destroy 3, and it became totaly unable to scream. Making it a living pilar that can’t do anything at all.

In the eventuality you poke one at a corner of a tunnel that you weren’t able to see, and activate it;

-His scream radius decrease with distance. At 1 tile og it, it lower 12 (if i’m not mistaking) will point. At 6 tiles, it’s lowered to something like 8 will point. Past 18, it’s 0 willpoint. So you just have to take some distance back to deal with it or “rapidly pass near it and ignore it”. The farer you get, the safer you are^^

10 tiles is a pretty big radius. Especially since they now seem to spawn on the only clear pathway to a lair’s hatchery. So unless you’re bringing grenades to clear out some coral and skirt around (as I eventually did) you’ll have to face it.

Taking 10 turns and using most of your ammo to deal with it from a distance is just a really bad idea. It has decent armour and a health pool of about 900. Not sure about the individual parts but I’m pretty sure taking out three small heads is pretty much impossible from over 18 tiles range.

Not sure why yours aren’t activating when you shoot them because every time I’ve shot them from across the map they’ve started preparing to scream.

Considering Sirens, Chiron’s and other enemies will continue to spawn while you’re trying to deal with the tower it’s just impossible to deal with. In that recent level where I got stun locked there was also a fire worm launching Chiron launching 5 worms every turn.

It’s also impossible to retreat out of range if all your guys are panicking and getting stun locked.

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They only trigger if your on their detection range (witch seem to differ on each pilar by a bit) but that you can see on the info of this ones. But note that this range will be affected by your soldier gears. The one with stealth bonus can go closer by their stealth percentage bonus (mostly on armor and one perk) While the heavy gun with a shitload of penality in stealth will activate them from the other side of the planet.

Personaly, i use my sniper to deal with them. Armor penetrating buillets, 130 damage per shot, i can shot twice per sniper using the -1 per shot at the cost of 3 wp (that i recover with the anu psychic augment that give +2 wp per turn to everyone around). While sniper armors have a relative decent stealth bonus, the turret can’t even notice them. So basicaly a sniper alone can shot one head per turn, i use a full snier dude and an assaunt hybrid with a sniper in the belt, just in case, that do the trick for this specific ones :stuck_out_tongue:

As of retreating, i may be wrong on this but i’m rpetty sure your soldier will try to run far of the turret while panicking, therefore making it less and less a threat for their will point. I never have been stunlocked by them and ever have a turn of “cooldown” when a soldier just recover from a panic, he is ever protected about the next one on my case and i have a whole turn to #ranaway or to try to take an head or two :o

Sounds like you’re a lot further ahead than I am at the moment, haha. Haven’t come across any alternative ammo types or that will power ability you’re talking about.

Hahaha, I wish they ran away. Had one guy that ran up to it and took cover in a hole right next to it. The rest just ran about 2 meters and hugged a random wall, usually right next to one of the 5 fire worms. They also didn’t seem to mind running through the fire left behind either. No idea if it’s terrible AI, intended panic stupidity or a bug that’s making them not register where the danger is.

:o it’s strange haha. On pretty every occurence a soldier of mine panicked, he tried to either run away or take cover from the source of what did the last WP drop :o:

I won’t be surprised they try to effectively take cover of the tower regardless it’s totaly stupid but that’s still strange thei’re fearlocked XD

Just launched the game after waiting for balancing updates for a few months,
Blood & Titanium’s Mind Control Immune head augmentation seemed very useful against Sirens so I upgraded all my 4 guys’ heads.

Just came across a Lair and Sirens for the first time in this run.
Turns out Sirens are now using their AoE CC 24/7 since everyone is immune to their Single Target CC.

Both Sirens scream at the same time.
Siren A screams again while Siren B stabs someone.
Siren B screams while A stabs, And it keeps going on and on until everyone is dead.
There is no opportunity to retaliate whatsoever.

Firebird Sniper Rifle is not helping, specially when my Sniper seems to be the most “noisy” of the whole group, he is the only target the Chiron Artillery smells apparently lol

I wish I could play a “2 years of updates” version of this game right now xD

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Yes, they activate either by spotting your soldier or by taking damage. If they weren’t doing that for Lemdoran then he had some bug.

You should use only 1.5 magazines for Ares weapon to deal with it.

Idea for those panic loops it to keep player aware of threats. So you need at least 2 groups of soldiers. If one of them will get caught by Terror Sentinel or by Horror Siren then second should deal with the threat.

Units should be Immune to Panic as they recover.
Why have units panic indefinitely? Human units can die easily enough already.

When you say “aware of threats”, Did you mean “Away”?
Because it’s impossible to be aware of threats since enemies can spawn literally 3 squares away from the player’s units.
They spot you from outside your LOS on your 1st turn and reveal themselves and attack on theirs potentially killing/mind controlling your units without you knowing they were even there xD

If your soldiers have at least 12 Willpower they will recover 6 Will Points after Panic. Terror removes 5 so after 1 turn they can act and run away.

But if soldiers are unprepared and untrained why they should be immune? Its TERROR after all. :slight_smile:

By “being aware” I mean “forseeing that there can be something behind that corner and preparing for that”.

Of course when enemy will spawn in first turn near you then it is little bit different story, but still game allows for alpha strike even in first turn, so player can dispose of such threat with good team.